About Company

Egghead develops knowledge-intensive software for industrial and scientific applications. The workflow comprises modeling physical systems and processes, coding, testing, and verifying the models in experiments. Our specialty is to code the small core component of your software you can exploit, scale up and polish for many years.

Egghead pushes forward the use of machine understanding for research and development.

Development process
Project team
Analyses possible solutions
Listens to feedback from customers
Specifies problems formally and builds training programs for the learning machines
Learning machines
Learn from logs of operations
Code options of problem solutions
Keep and transfer up-to-date knowledge on how to solve the problems

Our code deals with

  • Game theory
  • Radiophysics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Signal processing and optimal control
  • Computational methods

Egghead is open to opportunities of cooperation about learning new things and making new products.

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